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Invited lectures:


Presented as Institiute's Seminar under patronage of Polish Physical Society (Bydgoszcz)


dr Sven Dorosz (wtorek 14.10.2014 godz. 14:00)

Theory of Soft Condensed Matter, University of Luxembourg

"Fluctuation Relations and Crystallization"

It will be discussed the compression of colloidal suspensions and the occurring
crystallization process in the framework of fluctuation theorems. In
particular properties of the work distributions are discussed and
correlations of the dissipated heat during the process to the detected
crystal structures and melt properties are investigated.


Accompanying short co-lecture:

dr inż. Natalia Kruszewska

Zakład Fizyki, Instytut Matematyki i Fizyki, UTP Bydgoszcz

"Transport through model channel viewed as an activated process"

It will be presented Monte Carlo computer simulations of one-dimensional diffusion process of matter flow through a model channel. The simulations are based on a theoretical approach that provides a derivation of a Fick-Jacobs formula for the constrained dynamics of particles transported diffusively through a funnel-like channel. We try to answer the question how the activation (changing from open to close state) of the channel depends on channels' geometry and forces causing the matter transport. 



Regionalne Centrum Innowacyjności

UTP Bydgoszcz, ul. Kaliskiego 7, sala RCI - C8 (mapka)






dr Andrey Cherstvy (17-20.10.2011):

- Adsorption of polyelectrolytes onto oppositely charged interfaces

- Facilitated protein diffusion on DNA and DNA-protein recognition




prof. Ivan Santamaría-Holek (Visiting Professor 15.09.2010-15.12.2010):

- A novel model for non-Debye dielectric relaxation from mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics

- An example of the importance of the Le-Chatelier-Braun Principle in macroscopic physics: The rheology


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